13:21 31-05-2011
Safiya Mclean DearTJ, I am your biggest fan. I love your songs. Could you please write me back.
00:21 13-05-2011
Thank you so much for making me a fan.... I love your videos, footages, and all the performouses that you guys did.
08:38 30-03-2011
Hello all. Im new to this site. I just wanted to say that I love 3t as well as Michael Jackson. Long Live the King.!!!
15:58 17-03-2011
Hi 3t Im such a huge fan one day I hope I can meet you.
02:29 11-10-2010
ummm. hiiii guys how r ya and hows the fam um this 1's to tj i like u so much and would love to chat with u sumtme hit me back. ok b 4real
04:38 06-06-2010
Hi taj i love u so much i always wanted to know you and meet u please email me back love u
04:37 02-06-2010
I love 3t they are so amazing. My fav would have to be TJ, even though I love them all.
01:38 15-05-2010
13:41 28-12-2009
Hi guys
When will u be releasing ur next album ...?
02:08 05-09-2009
hope u got my birthday messages hehe,
02:07 05-09-2009
hey hey 3t...i think yr music is awsome!!!!!
You guys are so sweet...and cute hehehe!!!!!
luv u guys mwa mwa
ps; pliz cum to da S.A.,
04:01 28-08-2009
sorii missed all of ur birthdays happy birthday hope u had fun
18:21 18-08-2009
I love u n your jackson Family
02:48 18-08-2009
hey i want to be your friend your voices are from above
02:24 18-08-2009
sorry i missed your birthday happy late bdaykisses
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